Ethics Policy (hereinafter referred to as “GlobalSports” or “We” or “Us” Us” / “Our”) has been fully committed to transparency and ethical conduct in all its activities be it on social media or Articles. We have a strict set of principles in our Code of Ethics that drive us and keep us strong on our morale and ethics. GlobalSports was founded with the goal of filling the gap left between serious news reporting. We aim at providing all the trending news in a fun and unheard way. We also aim to reduce the frequency with which “breaking news” is reported that can result in inaccurate or misleading information being circulated in society. To fulfil our goals and vision and to be one of the best platforms by which people receive information and news on the topics that matter most We adhere to certain ethical guidelines. Moral Principles in support of our mission and vision as stated above, and our goal for being the top trustworthy platform for people to get information and news on the issues that matter most We have embraced some of the principles below: 

  • To be an impartial platform that encourages dialogue and allows people of diverse backgrounds and political views to discuss and resolve problems that are important. 
  • We will provide the most reliable and up-to-date information at the moment. 
  • We are covering the issue at hand. 
  • Credit sources wherever relevant. 
  • Plagiarism of any kind is considered to be a violation and is forbidden. 
  • Try to create balanced, impartial and rational opinions on the subject. 
  • Make sure to distinguish between editorial decision-making. 
  • There is no way that the interests of business take over editorial decision-making. 
  • Provide accurate information rather than breaking news. We’ll wait to share the information if it is not available, and we will not speculate. 
  • Include multiple perspectives in the story in order to make it equitable and fair. 
  • Make a public apology in the case of errors and rectify the mistake. 
  • Be strong and unwavering when faced with the pressure of those who are in charge. 
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